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The leadership journey of nonprofit leaders involves constant challenge and the need for renewal. The more passion one brings to one’s work, the more vital it is to renew one’s spirit, reflect on one’s meaning and purpose, and reconnect who one is with what one does. To meet this pressing need, The Fieldstone Foundation offers leadership retreats for nonprofit executives and emerging leaders. Each retreat offers a transformational experience that engages nonprofit leaders in an experiential learning process that is reflective, inspiring, and rejuvenating.

The 2018 Leadership Retreat will be held on November 5 – 7, 2018. More information to follow.

Past Leadership Retreat Topics

2016 Retreat – Pilgrimage: A Leadership Journey

Designed as a time for reflection, renewal and relationship, this two-day retreat followed the universal steps of pilgrimage, exploring the ways in which the common rites of a sacred journey might inspire the modern leadership journey of today’s nonprofit leader. Pilgrimage is defined as a “transformative journey toward a sacred center. A journey of risk and renewal; as a journey without challenge has no meaning; a journey without purpose has no soul.” Participants learned to walk their own path, and transform the inevitable ordeals of their leadership journey into opportunities to learn something about themselves, while renewing their spirit, reflecting on their purpose and reconnecting with who they are.

2014 Retreat – Courage for the Journey – Living Your Leadership Story

Crafted to provide an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to recognize the importance and power of one’s stories and how they influence one’s leadership capacity. The retreat offered a place to consider how one lives and leads authentically. It was a unique experience that provided quiet and solitude for individual reflection within a communal setting. Participants cultivated community while gaining new tools for self-discovery and leadership development.

2012 Retreat – Courage to Lead for Nonprofit Leaders

Using the four seasons as a guide, this retreat served as an introduction to the Courage to Lead philosophy and included a time for leaders to renew themselves while cultivating their leadership. The retreat framework allowed those engaged in leadership, service and social change the opportunity to address the challenge of sustaining themselves and their commitment to deeply held values and beliefs. The retreat allowed nonprofit leaders the time to renew their spirits – to reflect on the wellspring of their service to others – to reconnect who they are with what they do and focus on the relationship of the inner life to the outer work of service in the world.

For more information, please call Janine Mason at (858) 404-8056.

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