Leadership Network Overview

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Our belief that people are the greatest asset of a nonprofit organization calls us to help people who have found their vocation in the social sector develop their talents, skills, and ability to impact others.  Thus, strengthening nonprofit leadership is a large focus of The Fieldstone Foundation’s mission.

Created in 1993, The Fieldstone Leadership Network was crafted in response to and in partnership with nonprofit executives as a vehicle for peer learning. This network, now over 1,000 professionals strong, has evolved into an innovative continuum of leadership programs. Over the years we have learned much about what is required of the leadership in the social sector. Some of these key learnings are:

  1. The leadership capacity of a nonprofit executive plays a critical role in the organization’s overall ability to fulfill its mission.
  2. Nonprofit leaders require a trusted cohort of fellow professionals to be a resource and ally in their work.
  3. Nonprofit leaders need multi-generational and cross-sector learning opportunities to expand their perspectives and manage staff effectively.

These lessons guide the strategic priorities for the leadership network:


The Leadership Network offers a continuum of programs to build and deepen personal and professional relationships among nonprofit leaders through leadership training and learning opportunities, so they are better able to collaborate, problem solve, and support each other.
These nationally recognized learning opportunities are available at little or no cost through the support provided by The Fieldstone Foundation and its funding partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you offer your Leadership Network programs?

The Leadership Network programs are offered in Orange and San Diego Counties in California.

Does participation in the Leadership Network automatically lead to a grant?

No. The Leadership Network is offered to all nonprofit organizations and not all nonprofit organizations fit the giving guidelines of The Fieldstone Foundation.