Learning Groups


A Valuable Experience for You

The Learning Groups encourage dynamic and candid exchange among nonprofit executives and provide access to:

    • Experienced facilitators with deep knowledge and insights about the distinctive characteristics and dynamics of nonprofit organizations, and the skills to foster collective wisdom and fellowship.
    • Cutting edge tools and research on nonprofit management and leadership.
    • An exchange of real case studies guided by a problem-solving methodology that empowers the participants to envision feasible solutions and craft action plans.
    • An intimate and confidential environment to support and enhance your leadership.
    • A new network of colleagues with a common purpose – to support each other’s leadership beyond the program.

Facilitated Discussion on Relevant Subjects

Monthly discussion topics include state-of-the-art leadership and management research grounded though the practitioner’s lens, and addressing common issues among nonprofits, such as:

    • Problem Solving
    • Leadership and Management
    • Developing Leaders
    • Managing Up and Team Building
    • Stages of Nonprofit Growth and Development
    • Conflict Resolution and Persuasion
    • Board Development
    • Time Management and Delegation
    • Strategic Planning
    • Empowerment

Experienced Facilitators From the Sector

Our facilitators have a unique combination of proven experience, knowledge, skills, and passion. They are respected executives and consultants in the social sector who share an enthusiasm to impact other nonprofit leaders by sharing their talents, experience, and mistakes. We are proud to work with our team of facilitators:

    • Thomas Hall, Principal, AlbertHall & Associates, LLC.
    • Laura Spiegel, Principal, LS Consulting
    • Michael Carr, former Executive Director of SAY San Diego

2018 Learning Group Schedule

Orange County Executive Learning Group

January 18, 2018
February 15, 2018
March 15, 2018
April 19, 2018
May 17, 2018
June 21, 2018

Orange County Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group

January 11, 2018
February 8, 2018
March 8, 2018
April 12, 2018
May 10, 2018
June 14, 2018


San Diego Executive Learning Group

January 11, 2018
February 8, 2018
March 8, 2018
April 12, 2018
May 10, 2018
June 14, 2018

San Diego Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group

January 10, 2018
February 7, 2018
March 7, 2018
April 11, 2018
May 9, 2018
June 13, 2018

Be a Part of This Transformational Leadership Experience

The Learning Groups are designed for Executive Directors/CEOs and for Nonprofit Leaders who are Senior Managers / Second in Command reporting to the Executive Director. Each learning group is limited to twelve high caliber professionals in the field. The sessions are held once a month for a period of six months.

The cost is $350 per person, with all other costs underwritten by The Fieldstone Foundation and its funding partners. Each learning group is selected from among the applicants to achieve a balance among size of organization and individual experience. Groups are formed annually. This program is available in Orange County and San Diego in Southern California.

If you would like to participate in the next program or have any questions, please contact Robin Stropko or click here to request additional information. If you would like to apply to be considered for this program, download an application by clicking below.

Download San Diego’s Executive Learning Group Information & Application

Download San Diego’s Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group Information & Application

Download Orange County’s Executive Learning Group Information & Application

Download Orange County’s Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group Information & Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Learning Groups available to all nonprofits?

Yes! All nonprofit executives and Nonprofit Leaders who are senior managers are able to participate as long as a program is offered in their geographic area.

Are there scholarships available to participate in The Leadership Network programs?

The Foundation underwrites the majority of the costs associated with these programs in order to make them accessible and affordable for nonprofit leaders. Additional scholarships are therefore not provided.

Can I participate in a learning group even though my boss does not support the idea?

The Leadership Network is meant to have both personal and organizational impact. Support from your organization’s leadership is therefore needed to participate.

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