Coaching Program


The Coaching Program
Every nonprofit leader benefits from a good coaching relationship – growth, guidance, friendship, and success for both parties as each sharpens and strengthens his or her skill in the process of working with each other. The bonds of coach and coachee can be as close as those in any rewarding professional relationship because they are built on trust, mutual goals, and a shared commitment to making the relationship work. These kinds of bonds are particularly valuable in the nonprofit arena, where senior executives are often torn between the competing demands of clients, donors, board, and staff, without having a peer for feedback.

The Value of Good Counsel

The Fieldstone Foundation is proud to offer you coaching. This program pairs executive directors, one of whom has been trained as a consultative coach, in a twelve-month, confidential, one-on-one peer coaching relationship. Through a series of monthly meetings and ongoing conversations over the course of a year, coaches help to empower coachees to accomplish specific leadership goals and resolve organizational problems. Through coaching you will have access to:

    • Experienced coaches with deep knowledge and insights about the dynamics of nonprofit leadership, and the skills to foster reflective wisdom and discernment.
    • Organizational self-assessment tools and a 360 degree professional assessment and feedback from the

Center for Creative Leadership

    • An intimate and confidential environment to support and enhance your personal and professional growth.
    • A new network of coaches with a common purpose – to support and enhance your leadership within your organization and in the sector.

In this kind of win-win relationship, coaches give their time and energy for the good of the larger nonprofit community as they also strengthen their own organizations. Coachees learn from confidential interaction with their coach as well as learn how to function as a coach within their own organizations.

Our Coaching Team

All Leadership Network coaches are carefully selected from the sector. They are graduates of the Fieldstone Executive Learning Groups, and have received rigorous training in consultative coaching. Each coach is part of a greater coaching network which continually builds on the collective wisdom of all members, and receives ongoing support through our quarterly coaches’ meetings. All coaches are practitioners in the social sector. They are currently leading or have led successful nonprofit organizations. We are proud to introduce our coaching team:

Margaret Bayston – Laura’s House – Orange County
Linda Belt – Newport Community Counseling Center – Orange County
Michael Carr – Retired Executive Director of SAY San Diego
Sue Carter-Kahl – USD Doctoral Program – San Diego
Vivian Clecak – Human Options – Orange County
Shirley Cole (Retired) – North County Life Line – San Diego
Alberto Cortes – Mama’s Kitchen – San Diego
Matthew D’Arrigo – A Reason to Survive, Inc – San Diego
Sharon Ellis – Habitat for Humanity Orange County
Mary Anne Foo – OCAPICA – Orange County
Larry Haynes – Mercy House – Orange County
Jim Jackson – North County Serenity House – San Diego
Rusty Kennedy – Orange County Human Relations Council
Scott Larson – HomeAid Orange County
Sharon Lawrence – Voices for Children – San Diego
Kathy Lembo – South Bay Community Services – San Diego
Deborah Levy – Orange County Ronald McDonald House
Lenore Lowe – Nonprofit Management Solutions – San Diego
Steve Lowe – Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries – Orange County
John Malashock – Malashock Dance & Company – San Diego
Leane Marchese – Lux Art Institute
Colleen Mensel – El Viento Foundation – Orange County
Lynda Perring – Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County
Sue Schaffner – Hostelling International USA San Diego Council – San Diego
Don Schoendorfer – Free Wheelchair Mission – Orange County
Pamela Shambra – Orangewood Children’s Academy & The Academy – Orange County
Shawna Smith – Taller San Jose – Orange County
JoAnne Ventre, J&B Consulting – San Diego
Margie Wakeham – Families Forward – Orange County
Lisa Wolter – Susan G. Komen for the Cure – Orange County

The Coaching Network can be a valuable experience for you, as it has been for over 300 executives who have been coached by the Fieldstone Leadership Network. Here is some of their feedback:

    • It was so helpful to have the opportunity to discuss real-life issues with someone who has so much more experience.
    • The experience was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. My coach is a wise, compassionate, and experienced leader who challenged me to examine my motivations and goals in ways I had never done before.
    • I had a wonderful coaching experience! It pushed me to the next level professionally and it was an encouragement to meet with someone with nonprofit experience.
    • Great experience! Everything I had hoped for – a mentor, confidant, cheerleader, honest coach. My coach helped me through my most crucial decisions during the last year.
    • It was wonderful to have peer-to-peer discussions, especially having evaluated myself and my expectations in the beginning as a benchmark.

Be a Part of This Transformational Experience

This program is currently offered to Executive Directors or Senior Managers who have graduated from a Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group (aka Emerging Leaders Learning Group). The cost of the program is $350 per person. It is available in Orange County and San Diego in Southern California.

If you would like to participate in the program or have any questions, please contact Robin Stropko or click here to request additional information.

 Download Our Coaching Information and Application for CEOs

 Download Our Coaching Information and Application for Nonprofit Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there coaching available to senior managers and emerging leaders?

Yes! The Coaching Program currently serves executive directors, and qualified senior managers who have participated in a Nonprofit Leaders Learning Group (aka Emerging Leaders Learning Group).

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