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New Cohort of Coaches Complete Training

Last week, 14 leaders from the Fieldstone Leadership Network met in San Clemente to complete a two-day training on peer mentoring. Selected for their experience and natural disposition to a coaching leadership style, these leaders will complete their preparation in time to be active coaches in our Network for the 2018 program cycle.

Hosted at Casa Romantica, leaders had the opportunity to explore what “leadership coaching is”, how to coach tactical issues using the lens of leadership and how to hold space that is hospitable and confidential all while building relationships with each other.  Time was designed for each of the coaches to cycle through the practice sessions with each other so they could practice working with different styles and challenges and get to know each other.



The cohort includes:

Becky AhlbergMy Safe Harbor
Valin BrownAlliant Educational Foundation
Shana BuxserCHOC
Jose CruzBarrio Logan College Institute
Torrie DunlapKIT
Lauren Gavshon BrandJewish Federation and Family Services
Shannon Jacquard, Ballast Health
Renato PaivaAccess Youth Academy
Carol Schultz, former ED Uptown Partnership
Donald StumpNorth County Lifeline
Karen TerraEmilio Nares Foundation
Don WellsJust in Time for Foster Youth
Judi WestbergMercy Ships
Janie Wolicki BestWomen Helping Women


This year marks the 21st year of Fieldstone’s Coaching Program.  Today, over 250 nonprofit leaders have been coached through the Network. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2018 cycle.  If you are interested in working with a coach to accomplish specific goals or advance the mission of our organization, please complete the application under the coaching tab of our website.



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Leading Creative Encounters In Our Communities

During the past two weeks, we have taken Creative Encounters on the road as we have been privileged to facilitate the team building and leadership development experience for both the Identity Theft Resource Center and Leadership Tomorrow.

Working in the beautiful setting of Mission Trails Park in San Diego, we facilitated an experience for the national board of directors for Identity Theft Resource Center on September 14th. While the Center is physically located in San Diego, it serves the entire country. Thus, its nonprofit board is made up of leaders from across the nation. Designed specifically for ITRC, the Creative Encounters by Fieldstone experience allowed the board to explore how to lead together when they are geographically separated. It also provided them with a unique opportunity to deepen their relationships together while they were here in San Diego. As one board member reported, “this was awesome!”

Switching from natural habitat to a more manicured park, we facilitated an afternoon session for Leadership Tomorrow at the Newport Beach Community Center and Park on September 21st. Leadership Tomorrow’s mission is to cultivate, inspire, connect and empower an effective community of leaders. Its work serves the communities of Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach and Tustin. With a team of four facilitators, Vince Beresford, Matt D’Arrigo, Janine Mason, and Robin Sinclair, the 25 members of the 2017-18 cohort of civic leaders worked to accomplish goals, set strategy and learn more about themselves and each other. The Creative Encounters by Fieldstone experience was a key part of the program’s first day as half of the day was spent participating in this experiential learning activity outside in the park. As one participant said, “this experience provided me with an important realization as it relates to how I manage my team. I see some significant changes in the future about how I communicate my vision to the team and why this is important. Thank you.”

Creative Encounters by Fieldstone is available to groups and teams of leaders. If you are interested in having a session developed for your group, please contact us. To learn more, please watch this short video
Creative Encounters by Fieldstone Video

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Reading Through The Lens of Leadership

Reading, as a way to develop a deeper understanding of leadership, has proven to be a popular and successful strategy for members of the Fieldstone Leadership Network to continue their own personal leadership development. This month the Network, hosted three separate book clubs which gather together monthly to study leadership using literature.

The Network’s first Book Club, which started in San Diego last year, decided to continue meeting even after the formal program ended last June. This month, the SD-1 Club hosted author Brandon Black to discuss his new book, EGO FREE LEADERSHIP. The interactive discussion included additional insight into Brandon’s personal experience leading Encore Capital from a company struggling to navigate during a difficult business environment and national economy to a vibrant company with increasing stock prices, recognized as one of the “best companies to work for”. It was an insightful two-way conversation and Brandon was very gracious and vulnerable in answering everyone’s questions. An added bonus was his willingness to sign everyone’s book!

San Diego Book Club 2 (SD-2) met for its first meeting on September 12th and Orange County hosted its first Book Club on September 19th. Twelve new members from a variety of nonprofit subsectors make up each of these two new Leadership Book Clubs. Stefanie Schiff will facilitate the SD 2 Club, while Barbara Demarco-Barrett will facilitate the OC 1 Club. Both facilitators will guide members into meaningful conversations about leadership, leaders and leading while working with the members to develop their own facilitation skills so they are able to use books and literature as a tool within their agencies. The program continues until June 2018…”officially”.

Learn more about this experience and hear directly from Club members in this short video. Fieldstone Leadership Book Club Video

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Coaching Program Accepting Applications for 2018

Using an executive coach to help focus and improve a leader’s capacity to move people and themselves toward the accomplishment of a goal or organizational mission has long been recognized as a powerful tool. For 21 years, Fieldstone has offered coaching to nonprofit executives eager to have an experienced leader on his or her agenda, to provide new perspective, to bounce ideas off and to work toward a desired outcome.

The Fieldstone Coaching Program is a year-long experience that pairs nonprofit executives, one of whom has been trained as a consultative peer coach, in a confidential relationship. In a series of monthly meetings and conversations, coaches help to empower coachees to accomplish professional leadership goals and resolve organizational issues. A 360 Degree Review from the Center for Creative Leadership is included in the program, as is time with a certified feedback consultant so the Coachee can properly interpret the tool’s results.

Coaching begins each January and concludes in December. Applications are now being accepted for consideration for the 2018 program. Once the application is received, a formal interview will be conducted on the phone, to gain more insights into the coachees goals and desires for the coaching relationship. This is an important step in making the “right” coaching match. Matches are announced in December each year. The cost of the program is $350 and applications can be found on our website. As this is a very popular and cost effective program, those interested are encouraged to apply early to ensure space is available.

Learn more and hear from coaches and coachees in our program by watching this short video: Fieldstone Coaching Video

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Learning Group Applications Now Being Accepted for 2018

The cornerstone of the Fieldstone Leadership Network, Learning Groups are a facilitated six-month program to learn nonprofit management models while working through specific leadership challenges of each member. Learning groups provide a unique and confidential environment which allows leaders to explore their personal leadership style and develop trusted relationships with fellow nonprofit leaders from a variety of cross sector of the nonprofit community. A professional facilitator with deep experience in the nonprofit sector, guides the group using a carefully crafted curriculum to address the most relevant and pressing needs of social sector leaders today. Our 2017 survey results indicate that, after participating in the Learning Group, 95% rate themselves with strong or very strong professional leadership skills, 98% believe they have increased the capacity of their organization and 91% feel strongly that they now have a trusted network of colleagues.

Groups are offered for CEOs and Executive Directors (reporting to a board of directors) and for senior leadership team members (reporting to the CEO/ED of the organization). Groups meet once a month in the local Fieldstone office from 9 am to 4 pm January through June each year.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 programs. Two groups, one Executive and one Nonprofit Leaders, will be hosted in each office, for a total of 4 groups. Survey information indicates that 93% of past participants said they would recommend the group experience to their peers. This has proven to be true as Learning Groups fill quickly each year. Anyone interested in joining us for this leadership learning opportunity is encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To date, over 1,100 nonprofit leaders have participated in a Fieldstone Learning Group.

To learn more or complete and application, check out our website and/or watch this short video to hear from past participants.
Fieldstone Learning Groups

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All Leaders are Readers

This month, The Network will kick off two new Leadership Book Clubs. Each of the new groups is filled to capacity with nonprofit leaders working in Orange and San Diego Counties. Each group will be lead by a professional book facilitator as part of an effort to train participants in the art of using books and reading as a leadership tool for their own constituents. The San Diego Club will begin on September 12th and the Orange County Club will begin September 19th.

Research has shown that reading has always been an essential component of leadership development (HBR, Feb. 2016). However, even with the best of intentions, it is often difficult to get to or finish all of the books competing for our attention. With a goal of creating well-read nonprofit leaders while imparting facilitation skills and building trusted relationships among nonprofit leaders, the Leadership Book Club offers a unique opportunity to study and develop leadership in a communal setting.

After completing the originally scheduled 10 month program last June, the Network’s first Club decided to continue meeting together. They are gathering on September 19th in San Diego with author Brandon Black to discuss his new book EGO FREE LEADERSHIP.

Our vision for this program is to seed the nonprofit sector with multiple book groups using literature to study leadership, to build trusted relationships and to develop personal facilitation skills. Much like our Learning Groups, we hope each group will continue to meet once the official program has concluded. So far, we are one for one!!

As President Harry Truman said, ” Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

Applications are accepted for each new Leadership Book Club in April. The program begins in September and officially ends in June. More information can be found on our website under the Leadership Network tab.

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2017 Learning Groups Graduate

The month of June brought the completion of our six month learning group program for 2017. This year, the Foundation hosted four groups, two each in San Diego and Orange Counties. Each region hosted one group comprised of CEOs and Executive Directors and one group of senior leadership team members. In total, 44 leaders participated this year.

After participating in a learning group, participants report greater confidence in their leadership abilities, an increased capacity to fulfill their agency’s mission, and a greater ability to collaborate with others to accomplish their goals. Over 90% report being better equipped to support their staff. The learning group program is one of our oldest programs and serves and the cornerstone of our Network. To date, over 1100 nonprofit leaders have been in one of our learning groups!
Applications will be accepted for the 2018 program beginning in September. The six month program sells out each year, so interested leaders are encouraged to act quickly to secure a place in the cohort. The cost of the program is $350 and more specific details can be found under the Leadership Network tab on our website.

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Clare Rose Sabbatical 2017 Orientation

In an effort to replenish the stores of energy and inspiration for our community’s most gifted leaders and increase the capacity of nonprofit leadership within organizations, The Fieldstone Foundation and the Clare Rose Foundation joined forces four years ago to offer the Clare Rose Sabbatical Program as part of the Fieldstone Leadership Network. On June 7, 2017, we welcomed John Ohanian and 2-1-1 San Diego and Evan Marks and The Ecology Center to our sabbatical family. John and Evan bring the total to 15 sabbatical grants that have been given out over the four years of the program.

After a thorough orientation attended by the Executive Directors and their designated interim leader, Evan and John were joined by board members of the Clare Rose Foundation and past sabbatical recipients from Orange and San Diego. Over lunch, the group shared their sabbatical stories and gave their best wisdom to the pair as they begin the sabbatical journey. The orientation and luncheon was hosted at the Fieldstone Foundation offices in San Diego.

The day wrapped up with leaders from the first two cohorts participating in a focus group led by researchers from the University of San Diego. The research study is being conducted over the first five year period of the sabbatical program with the goal of measuring the impact of this unique experience on both the individual leaders, including the executive director, interim leadership, and board members, and the organizations as a whole.

The Clare Rose Sabbatical Program application process opens each January with selections announced made in May. More information, including a list of past recipients, can be found under the Leadership Network tab on our website. The sabbatical grant is valued at $50,000.

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Coaches Gather for Learning and Fellowship

This week, Fieldstone Coaches from both San Diego and Orange Counties gathered together for updates and training. Hosted at Casa Romantica in San Clemente, the Coaches spent the day supporting each other in their coaching activities by sharing resources and personal experiences with each other. In addition, Sue Schaffner, led a training module on how to lead a “personal strategy retreat” for a coachee. This module adds to the toolbox of each coach by giving him/her another instrument to help offer support and development to his/her coachee.

The Fieldstone Coaching Program pairs executive directors, one of whom has been trained as a consultative coach, in a twelve-month, confidential, one-on-one peer coaching relationship. Through a series of monthly meetings and ongoing conversations over the course of a year, coaches help to empower coachees to accomplish specific leadership goals and resolve organizational problems. Coaches meet with Fieldstone Foundation staff on a quarterly basis throughout the program for guidance and support.

Applications for the 2018 program will be available in September. The year-long program includes a 360 Degree Review from the Center for Creative Leadership and an hour-long debrief with a facilitator certified by the Center to give feedback. The cost of the program is $350. More information and the application can be found on our website under the Leadership Network Tab.

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2017 Clare Rose Sabbaticals Awarded

This week, The Fieldstone Leadership Network announced that The Ecology Center and 2-1-1 San Diego are the recipients of a 2017 Clare Rose Sabbatical.

Designed as a tool to help increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations, the Clare Rose Sabbatical provides three months paid leave for the executive director, a consultant to help with the planning and preparation, support for the leaders managing during the sabbatical and reintegration of the leader upon his/her return to the organization. The grant also provides $5,000 to be used for additional training as requested by the staff and a stipend to share with staff who lead while the executive is away. In total, the sabbatical grant is valued at $50,000.

With this announcement, the Fieldstone Leadership Network’s program has awarded 15 capacity building sabbaticals to organizations in San Diego and Orange Counties during the past four years.

Initial results from a study conducted by the University of San Diego’s Caster Family Center on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research illustrate the positive outcomes this sabbatical program is achieving with its nonprofit partners. In addition to sustaining key executive leaders by giving them the opportunity for rest and renewal, senior leaders within the organization report learning much about what it takes to lead an organization as an executive director and giving them clarity about the skills and experiences they need to ready themselves for a leadership transition. Board member report gaining a better understanding of the organization’s inner workings, systems and programs leading to a deeper appreciation for staff and the organization’s mission. All involved report increased confidence in their leadership abilities and a more balance perspective on carrying out the work.

The Fieldstone Foundation and Clare Rose Foundations joined together in 2012 to create and deliver the sabbatical program. Based on the 20 year program offered by the Durfee Foundation, The Clare Rose Sabbatical Program is part of the Fieldstone Leadership Network, a continuum of nine separate programs to support and sustain nonprofit leaders throughout their nonprofit careers.

The next application cycle begins in January 2018 with an deadline of Jan. 30th. More information can be found on our webpage under the Leadership tab, Clare Rose Sabbatical.

Congratulations to Evan Marks, John Ohanian and the staffs of 2-1-1 San Diego and The Ecology Center!

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