2017 Clare Rose Sabbaticals Awarded

This week, The Fieldstone Leadership Network announced that The Ecology Center and 2-1-1 San Diego are the recipients of a 2017 Clare Rose Sabbatical.

Designed as a tool to help increase the capacity of nonprofit organizations, the Clare Rose Sabbatical provides three months paid leave for the executive director, a consultant to help with the planning and preparation, support for the leaders managing during the sabbatical and reintegration of the leader upon his/her return to the organization. The grant also provides $5,000 to be used for additional training as requested by the staff and a stipend to share with staff who lead while the executive is away. In total, the sabbatical grant is valued at $50,000.

With this announcement, the Fieldstone Leadership Network’s program has awarded 15 capacity building sabbaticals to organizations in San Diego and Orange Counties during the past four years.

Initial results from a study conducted by the University of San Diego’s Caster Family Center on Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research illustrate the positive outcomes this sabbatical program is achieving with its nonprofit partners. In addition to sustaining key executive leaders by giving them the opportunity for rest and renewal, senior leaders within the organization report learning much about what it takes to lead an organization as an executive director and giving them clarity about the skills and experiences they need to ready themselves for a leadership transition. Board member report gaining a better understanding of the organization’s inner workings, systems and programs leading to a deeper appreciation for staff and the organization’s mission. All involved report increased confidence in their leadership abilities and a more balance perspective on carrying out the work.

The Fieldstone Foundation and Clare Rose Foundations joined together in 2012 to create and deliver the sabbatical program. Based on the 20 year program offered by the Durfee Foundation, The Clare Rose Sabbatical Program is part of the Fieldstone Leadership Network, a continuum of nine separate programs to support and sustain nonprofit leaders throughout their nonprofit careers.

The next application cycle begins in January 2018 with an deadline of Jan. 30th. More information can be found on our webpage under the Leadership tab, Clare Rose Sabbatical.

Congratulations to Evan Marks, John Ohanian and the staffs of 2-1-1 San Diego and The Ecology Center!

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