A Message from the Executive Director

For thirty years, The Fieldstone Foundation has provided grants, leadership development, and service to nonprofit organizations working to support people in our communities of Orange and San Diego Counties. From the beginning, we looked for organizations doing impactful work and being guided by a visionary and values-based leader. Our grantmaking created opportunities for honest and respectful partnerships that, in turn, helped to inform our knowledge of the sector and the pressing needs of those leading our nonprofit agencies. This experience led us to develop The Fieldstone Leadership Network as a vehicle to invest in an organization’s leadership and expand the types of support we were able to offer the nonprofit sector.

Believing that nonprofits do serious work that supports those in most need, while enhancing the community for all, The Fieldstone Foundation is dedicated to providing leadership development and learning opportunities for nonprofit executives and emerging leaders that build, deepen and sustain personal and professional relationships among nonprofit leaders so they are better able to collaborate, problem solve, and support each other as they work. Built on a continuum that allows a person to develop his or her own leadership capacity within various program formats, cross-sector and reciprocal learning opportunities, and a vibrant collection of their peers, The Fieldstone Leadership Network is now in its twentieth year of programming.

It has been said that “dramatic and systemic change always begins with critical connections.” At Fieldstone, we aim to provide those places and pathways for critical connections to occur naturally so that nonprofit organizations can continue to lift up and improve our world with efficiency, effectiveness, and a generosity of spirit.

It is a privilege and an honor to do this work. We invite you to join us.

Janine Mason

News and Highlights

2014 GEO National Conference

Over 700 members of Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) from across the nation gathered this week in Los Angeles for conversations and workshops designed to help advance smarter grantmaking practices that lead to stronger nonprofits and better overall results. The conference focused on fo…

2014 Leadership Retreat – Courage for the Journey

Understanding that the leadership journey of nonprofit leaders involves constant change and the need for renewal, The Fieldstone Leadership Network is offering two retreat opportunities this year. For the first time, the Network will offer a retreat specifically for emerging leaders (those working…

PEERS Fellow Announced

The Fieldstone Leadership Network is proud to announce that Renato Paiva, Executive Director of Access Youth Academy, has been selected as the 2014 PEERS Fellow. Renato has led the organization since 2006 and participated in a Fieldstone Learning Group in 2012. The mission of Access Youth Academy…

The Essence of Personal Leadership – A Crossroads and Turning Points Presentation

As a part of our Crossroads and Turning Points program we are please to present The ESSENCE OF PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. This leadership development opportunity will be facilitated by Tali A. Thomas. In this session, we will explore the essence of what it means for you to be a great leader and how each…

Fieldstone Leadership Network Announces Two New Programs

As part of our 30th Anniversary celebration, The Fieldstone Foundation announced the addition of two new programs to the Fieldstone Leadership Network. Both programs fit nicely into the BUILD – DEEPEN – SUSTAIN continuum of the Network which allows a leader to start where they are and develop their…