A Message from the Executive Director

For thirty-four years, The Fieldstone Foundation has been committed to supporting our communities. From the beginning, when we were a traditional grantmaker, we looked for organizations doing impactful work and being guided by a visionary and values-based leader. Our grantmaking practice created opportunities for honest and respectful partnerships that, in turn, helped to inform our knowledge of the sector and the pressing needs of those leading our nonprofit agencies. This experience led us to develop The Fieldstone Leadership Network as a vehicle to invest in an organization’s leadership and expand the types of support we were able to offer the nonprofit sector. Because we have seen how strategically investing in people transforms a leader, the organization and ultimately, the community he or she serves, this is now the focus of our work.

We believe that nonprofits do serious work that supports those in most need, while enhancing the community for all. Thus, The Fieldstone Foundation is dedicated to providing leadership development and learning opportunities for nonprofit executives and emerging leaders that build, deepen and sustain personal and professional relationships among nonprofit leaders so they are better able to collaborate, problem solve, and support each other as they work. Built on a continuum that allows a person to develop his or her own leadership capacity within various program formats, cross-sector and reciprocal learning opportunities, and a vibrant collection of their peers, the Fieldstone Leadership Network is now in its twenty-fourth year of programming.

It has been said that “dramatic and systemic change always begins with critical connections.” At Fieldstone, we aim to provide those places and pathways for critical connections to occur naturally so that nonprofit organizations can continue to lift up and improve our world with efficiency, effectiveness, and a generosity of spirit.

Janine Mason

News and Highlights

Leadership Book Club Applications Available Now

Last year, The Fieldstone Leadership Network launched the Leadership Book Club as a distinctive and creative way to study leadership. The first cohort of 12 nonprofit leaders is currently in Month 8 of the 10-month program and the cohort has decided to continue to read and study leadership together…

Robin Sinclair Joins The Fieldstone Family

Robin K. Sinclair has officially joined the Fieldstone Family as the new Leadership Network and Development Manager. In this capacity, Robin K will be responsible for managing the programs and activities of the Fieldstone Leadership Network in Orange County, California and to raise funds to support…

Crossroads and Turning Points – Cultivating the Bench Strength of your Development Team

On Friday, March 3rd, The Fieldstone Leadership Network hosted its first Crossroads and Turning Points for 2017. Featuring Kathy Drucquer Duff from KDD Philanthropy, over 40 San Diego nonprofit leaders participated in a half day session to receive training and guidance on nuancing donor strategies…

2017 Coachees Complete 360 Degree Assessments

Our 2017 cohort of Coachees from Orange and San Diego Counties has now completed its 360 Degree Assessments as part of our annual coaching program. Working with the Center for Creative Leadership, each of our Coachees completed the assessment tool personally and invited key people in a variety of r…

Fieldstone @ 4 Video

Ever wonder about Fieldstone @ 4 and how it helps our nonprofit leaders do their work? We are thrilled to share a short video, produced by FLN member Lee Ann Kim, that provides a framework for the program and gives the viewer an opportunity to hear directly from Fieldstone @ 4 participants on how t…

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